Why your home needs protection

Preventing surge damage is left up to the individual consumer. Should you spend your time running around the ...
What is protected with the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) whole home surge protection package?

When you install the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) protection system all of the power surge zones in your home are protected ...
Why are SHOCKABSORBER(tm) brand products more expensive than others?

WILCAN Electronics has manufactured the highest quality surge protection products in North America since 1975. We stand by ...
Why is there no connected equipment warranty offered with our products

Surge protection products that work and can actually save your equipment should not need to offer this kind ...
Will a surge bar protect everything a SHOCKABSORBER(tm) surge protection package will?

Not by a long shot! Like comparing apples to oranges it is difficult to compare a SHOCKABSORBER(tm) package ...
How long has WILCAN been in this business?

WILCAN makers of the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) package and other fine lightning and surge protection power quality products was established ...
Where are these products made?

All of our products are proudly made in Canada. Everything is manufactured at our plant in Brampton Ontario.
Environmentally friendly because it extends the life of appliances and electronics.

The SHOCKABSORBER package prevents damage to all of the equipment connected to it, your electronics will last longer ...

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