Why your home needs protection

Preventing surge damage is left up to the individual consumer. Should you spend your time running around the house unplugging everything in sight when bad weather approaches? Or should you just do nothing and simply rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover equipment losses that may occur and watch your premiums rise? NO. You should instead protect your investments using proven protection principles that will keep your equipment from damage.

Secure your investments!

Your home is filled with valuable electronics. Computers, appliances, audio video equipment, furnaces, air conditioners and more. Most of these devices use some kind of microprocessor technology. This technology makes today's electronics faster and more precise. Unfortunately all of this equipment is susceptible to fast moving high energy disturbances called "spikes" or "surges". These disturbances are caused by many different things including; lightning, high winds, utility problems or ice build up on power lines. There are also surge producing items in your own home, just turning appliances on and off can result in a damaging power surge. Power surges happen all the time and do cause immediate and premature equipment failure. But these failures are preventable by applying proven protection principles combined with industrial grade surge protection. Included in the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) whole home surge protection package is an electrical panel protection unit that connects right at your breaker panel so it will protect all of your electronics from every power surge whether from inside or outside sources.

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