What is protected with the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) whole home surge protection package?

When you install the SHOCKABSORBER(tm) protection system all of the power surge zones in your home are protected including your main power panel, TV, cable box or satellite dish, telephone service, home entertainment system, appliances, and home office equipment. Even direct wired appliances like your furnace, air conditioner, pool equipment and water heater. Our total zone protection system is based on proven protection formats employed by industrial and commercial users. A SHOCKABSORBER(tm) protection system is the only surge protection you will ever need. Below is a more detailed description of what comes with the whole home protection package.

**ELECTRICAL PANEL** The SA2000 electrical panel unit will protect all of the branch circuits (plugs) in your home. Even hard wired appliances like a furnace or water heater are protected.

**TELEPHONE / DSL LINES** The model 555 TELCO line protector will protect all of the telephone equipment connected to your telephone line. This may include your computer, fax, answer machine,etc. This unit is installed at the entry point of your phone line so all of the telephone jacks in you house are protected.

** CABLE & SATELLITE DISH LINES** The COTRAP coaxial protector is installed on your video transmission line. Once installed, all of your receiving equipment is protected. This may include your cable box and cable modem or satellite dish, connected vcr's, televisions and home theatre equipment is also protected.

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